Our dips are known from far and wide. We make the fresh by hand everyday and we sell them by the pound or as an add-on to a sandwich. If you have not had them all, please come by the shop and we would LOVE to give a sample. Odds are you’ll find a new favorite you just cannot live without.

Artichoke & Feta

Artichoke & Feta uses the base of Garlic & Feta mixed with our amazing Artichoke Salad.

Artichoke Salad

Our Artichoke Salad is a delicate blend of Hearts of Palm, Artichokes and a house blend of olives, oil & seasoning.

Date & Feta

Don’t let the name scare you. We take our delicious Garlic & Feta and mix with Dates for a salty/sweet taste you’re sure to enjoy.


Our Dolmas are of the vegetarian variety. Great addition for any dish.

Garlic & Feta

The Feta everyone raves about. Our Garlic & Feta dip is our number one seller. Goes great with crackers, bread & sandwiches.


Hummus is one of our stalpes on the dip line here at Four Winds as we put it on many sandwiches. Goes fantastically well with our homemade Tabouli.

Jalapeño & Feta

How about a little spice in your life? Our Jalapeño & Feta is, well, as some put . . . FIRE! 🔥

Olive Salad

The absolute perfect blend of olive oil, olives olives and veggies. A perfect compliment to your sandwich.


Everyone needs a little Pesto in there life. We make the freshest pesto in Pensacola. Goes great on salads and sandwiches.

Pesto & Feta

Speaking of Pesto, drop some of that in our amazing Garlic & Feta and wala – Pesto & Feta. Once you try a sample, you’ll need a little bit to ride shotgun with you on the way home.

Pimento Cheese

Dubbed by some as the best Pimento & Cheese 🧀  ever tasted, this little gem of dip has quickly become a crowd favorite. Come and taste for yourself.

Smoked Turkey Salad

Ah yes . . . the crown jewel of Four Winds – Smoked Turkey Salad 🦃 . The perfect blend of Turkey, Mayo, Black Currants, Almonds and spices. This is our #1 dip from the deli. However, it’s our second best selling sandwich. Once you try it, you’ll be back.

Spicy Crab

If you like a little spicy and you like REAL crab, man do we have a treat for you. Our Spicy Crab 🦀  dip is made with a soft cheese and if you bring this to a party, people will absolutely love you.

Spicy Thai Chicken

This Spicy Thai Chicken is another in the long line of favorites. big slices of jalapeños 🌶  is what completes this as a must when you come in.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Feta

Who in here here likes Sun-Dried Tomatoes? And who in here likes Feta? Well then, it’s your lucky day. We blend these together so perfectly that people can’t decide wether to use a dip or to add to every sandwich they eat. You decide.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Soft Cheese

Our Sun-Dried Tomato & Soft Cheese is, as some people describe, creamy, smooth & just downright delectable. You may want to get more than a small of this; once you start, you do not want to stop.


Ahh, the tabouli. Fresh cut parsley, tomatoes, green onions, cous cous and seasoning are the main ingredients to this frequently purchased dish. Goes grerat with just about everything or insanely great by itself as a snack.

Tortellini Salad

Our Cheese Tortellini Salad is a great little item from the deli that many like to eat a their lunch or amazing as a side. Also great as a last minute dish for a party just incase you forgot to make something.
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