For holiday parties, corporate lunches, board meetings, ladies clubs or weekend house parties, whatever your occasion, Four Winds can help make it easier and more delightful for you.

Delicious Party Trays

Meat & Cheese (Large): $60/18-22
Meat & Cheese (Small): $40/10-12
All Cheese (Large): $65/18-25
All Cheese (Small): $40/10-15
Fresh Vegetable With Dip (Large): $40/20-25
Fresh Vegetable With Dip (Small): $20/10-15
Mediterranean Relish (Large): $55/20-25
Mediterranean Relish (Small): $40/15-20
All Meat (Large): $75/18-25
All Meat (Small): $50/10-12
AntiPasta (Large): $60/18-25
AntiPasta (Small): $40/10-12
Fruit & Cheese (Large): $55/18-25
Fruit & Cheese (Small): $35/8-12
Cheeseballs: $17/lb
Whole side of Smoked Salmon: 69.00
Fresh pate with capers & cornichons: $59.79
Finger sandwiches (miniature deli): $.99 ea

Bombay Dip: $39.79
A Spoleto Favorite: $1.79 ea
Andouilli Sausage: $7.99/lb
Sun Dried Tomatoes / Goats Milk Cheese: $1.99 ea
Norwegian Smoked Salmon: $1.99 ea
Melon Rolled with Prosciutto: $1.99 ea
Marinated Asparagus: $42.79
Brie & Pesto Stuffed Bread: $22.79 ea
Brie Ready to Bake: $48.79 ea
Stuffed Grape Leaves: $7.99
Marinated, Whole Roasted Chicken
Jeweled Brie Bites: $1.99 ea
Caprese Salad: $8.99/lb
Caviar Torte: $39.79 ea
Roasted Leg of Lamb: $15.79/lb
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Side: $15.79/lb

Dips & Cheese Spreads


Spinach and Garlic
Feta and Herbs
7 Cheese and Black Olives

Cheese Spread

Sun-Dried Tomato

The Deli Lunches

The Deli Lunch

$12.79 per person
Deli sandwich cut, and on a tray, allowing one sandwich per person
Pasta salad, kosher pickles and olives, pastry

Make Your Own

Make Your Own

$12.79 per person
Meat tray – roast beef, ham and turkey
Sliced cheese tray, pickles and olives, bread, mustard and mayo, pasta salad, pastry
Min 6 person and 24 hr notice

15 + 2 =